Is Ayurved Treatment Beneficial for Piles?

This article will discuss the effectiveness of piles treatment by Ayurved medicines. Continue to read the article to know in detail about the topic.

Dr. Dipesh Thacker Created on 3rd Jul, 21

Piles and fistula are two of the most common complications among men and women in their late 30s and early 40s. Unfortunately, many people in Bhuj suffer from this painful complication. However, the best thing is they can avail of the best piles treatment in Bhuj at Akshar Hospital.

Triphala is a three-fruit combination that is one of the most well-known and widely used Ayurvedic medicines for piles. Triphala is a formulation that is prescribed for piles in the treatment of piles, fissures, and hemorrhoids, according to the ancient Ayurvedic text Sharangdhara Samhita.


An overview of Ayurved cure

Ayurved is an Indian great medical science that has been practiced for thousands of years. Although it started in India, it is now performed all over the world.


Ayurved is well acknowledged in Western countries. Ayurved medicine is comprehensive, addressing mental, physical, and spiritual ailments. It is focused on restoring equilibrium to the body to ease complications. The ultimate purpose of Ayurved is to bring each dosha into equilibrium. It is accomplished by a mixture of dietary changes, lifestyle changes, and herbal therapies.


Symptomatic anal cushions are known as hemorrhoids. It can cause the following symptoms:


  • The first symptom is bleeding, drop by drop. It eventually increases reaching to a spurted or jet like flow.
  • The next symptom is prolapse followed by itching.


It's essential to be sure that you have hemorrhoids, so consult Dr. Dipesh, the Ayurved doctor in Bhuj, for a diagnosis to rule out other issues. There are a few Ayurvedic treatments for piles or hemorrhoids that you might try as well.


Hemorrhoids types as per dosha

Your primary dosha, according to Ayurved treatment, defines the sort of hemorrhoids you may have:


  • Pitta dosha: Pitta people are more likely to have inflamed, bleeding piles that are mushy and red. diarrhea, and thirst are some of the other symptoms.
  • Vata dosha: Vata people may have discomfort, constipation, and black hemorrhoids with a rough, hard texture.
  • Kapha dosha: Kapha people may have slick, light, or white hemorrhoids that are soft and huge in size and poor digestion.
  • Remedies available in Ayurved for piles


Hemorrhoid therapy in Ayurved medicine is considered comprehensive. Therefore, people who want to attempt ayurved treatment for hemorrhoids should expect herbal therapies, lifestyle adjustments, and maybe minimally invasive therapies as part of their treatment strategy.


Before providing treatment recommendations, your Ayurved doctor in Bhuj will assess your general health to determine your prevailing dosha. It's best if you talk to your doctor about a proper treatment plan. If you have hemorrhoids and wish to cure them with an Ayurved method, you have a few options:



The majority of small hemorrhoids may be treated only with medicine. Unless the hemorrhoids are severe, no more operations are required. In the worst-case scenario, you may require both medications along with surgery. Your dosha will influence the medicines that your Ayurved practitioner prescribes. In addition, your dosha will impact your diet or lifestyle adjustments that are recommended to prevent a recurrence. Some drugs may not be appropriate for your dosha, so listen to your doctor's advice.


Kshara, or application of herbal products

Kshara is an alkaline, caustic paste that is used to treat piles. The paste has a cauterizing effect and is comprised of a herbal combination. Specialized equipment is used to apply Kshara to hemorrhoids. Then your Ayurved doctor will apply the paste to your piles with bleeding. This Kshara karma technique is regarded as the most excellent strategy for treating hemorrhoids in Ayurved medicine. Your doctor will instruct you to take certain drugs to balance your body during your recovery period. These medicines will also depend on your dosha. To help your body heal, you may need to adopt dietary or lifestyle changes.


Sastra chikitsa

Kshara sutra is an Ayurved treatment that your Ayurved physician in Bhuj may recommend for you. Here your doctor uses a medicated thread to knot hemorrhoid from its base. The thread prevents the blood flow to the vein; hence hemorrhoid shrinks and falls out from your body within 7 to 10 days. Therefore, this procedure can be performed only after other therapies have failed.


From this discussion, it is evident that Ayurved treatment can cure piles properly without any complications. So, contact your doctor for piles treatment in Bhuj.