Is Ayurveda Beneficial for Anal Fissure?

Ayurveda is all about quick remedies. It is known to provide immediate comfort and is one of the most effective treatments for anal fissures. Read our blog to find out more.

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If you think Ayurveda is all about quick remedies, then you are right. Ayurveda does provide immediate comfort and is one of the most effective therapies for anal fissures. However, the focus of Ayurveda is on a long-term cure rather than symptomatic alleviation. 


Anal fissures heal about 4 to 6 weeks in most cases, but this can vary depending on the severity of the issue. Anal fissures can persist beyond eight weeks if not treated properly and the underlying causes are not addressed. They are then labeled as chronic. 


Fissures that last more than six weeks need a doctor’s intervention. Anal fissures are treated and prevented using a holistic approach in Ayurveda. Dr. Dipesh Thacker, a highly experienced Ayurvedic surgeon in Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat, is an expert in treating fissures using comprehensive Ayurvedic medicines.


What are the causes of anal fissures?

causes of anal fissures

Fissure is a linear tear in the anal skin called the anoderm and can occur due to various reasons:

  • The most prevalent causes of anal fissures are frequent and chronic constipation, often caused by poor dietary choices and a sedentary lifestyle. Food items that can cause constipation are:
  • Items made with maida such as bread, toast, biscuits, pizza, burger, sandwich, etc.
  • Millet flour
  • Curd and its preparation like lassi, shrikhand, raita, fried curd
  • Vegetables like brinjal, elephant foot yam
  • Fruits like apple, banana, pomegranate
  • Cowpea, hyacinth bean, Indian bean
  • Prolonged diarrhea is also one of the major causes of the fissure. Specific food which can induce diarrhea are:
  • Milk
  • Excessive use of milk products like cheese, paneer, cream, milkshake, milk cake, peda
  • Papaya, chikoo
  • Diet plays a vital role in causing anorectal problems, as all these issues occur due to altered defecation.
  • Straining during childbirth
  • Abdominal pressure
  • Anal sex
  • HIV, tuberculosis, and ulcerative colitis can also lead to a condition called anal ulcers, which have a similar effect to anal fissure.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol in any form like wine, beer, etc., can cause a fissure.
  • Nicotine consumption in any form like cigarettes, tobacco, pan masala, bidi, hukka, etc., can also trigger it.


Effects of fissures

As anal verge is such a sensitive area that any tear can cause:

  • Extreme burning pain, stinging, and irritation.
chronic anal fissure
  • The pain usually goes away within an hour or so. However, in some cases, the discomfort can last a whole day where there is underlying inflammation and infection.
  • The anal area may spasm (which is a defensive mechanism).
  • A recurrent anal fissure that has not been treated appropriately may form a sentinel tag.
  • Hypertrophied anal papillae are skin tags that protrude up from the point between the skin and the inner lining of the anus. They are usually found in connection with chronic fissure in ano.
  • Diseases such as tuberculosis, cancer, leukemia, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, HIV, and syphilis can lead anal fissures getting infected and give rise to an anorectal abscess which may sometimes turn life-threatening.


How can Ayurveda help?

anal fissure treatment with ayurved

With customized medications, lifestyle, and dietary recommendations, Ayurvedic treatment for anorectal disease yields promising outcomes. 

  • A hot water sitz bath helps relax the rectal muscles, relieve irritation, and increase blood circulation to the anorectal area.
  • Eating a balanced diet also is highly beneficial.
  • For anal fissure, Ayurveda offers excellent therapy. Ayurvedic medications can aid in minimizing anal pain, itching, burning, and discomfort. It speeds up the healing process and assists in the healing of anal fissures.
  • Internal medications and topical therapies are both used in Ayurveda. The majority of these treatments can be done at home, although severe cases may necessitate more intensive treatment.
  • Ayurveda also offers more advanced solutions, including surgical techniques.
  • Medicines that regulate the stool consistency and frequency and aid cell repair are used to prevent future irritation to the affected area.
  • Topical application is made with ointments that are naturally antibacterial and antiseptic. This ayurvedic approach of treating anal fissure is precise, very effective, and very convenient.
  • Ksharsutra ligation is used to remove sentinel tags in chronic anal fissures. Sphincterotomy may be considered to reduce anal ring spasms.


Why is ayurvedic treatment beneficial?

The ayurvedic treatment provides:

  • An effective and safe treatment approach
  • Quicker healing and recovery
  • Minimum risk of anal stenosis
  • Reduced risk of recurrence and complications


If you have any concerns or queries, consult an expert ayurvedic doctor for the same. 

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