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External thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment

Patient Review

  • Patient's Name: Prajakta
  • Patient's Age: 50
  • Patient's Gender: female


  • Non-reducible peri anal swelling at the anal verge since 5 days
  • Throbbing pain for three days

Case Presentation

The patient’s treatment was performed under local anesthesia. During the treatment, a thin slit was made, and then the whole hematoma was evacuated. The patient did not feel any significant pain during and after the procedure. 

The most common therapy for a thrombosed hemorrhoid is an external thrombectomy, which involves making a small cut in the clot and draining it. You will be given a local anesthetic to keep you pain-free. This technique is most effective if it is performed within three days of the onset of hemorrhoids.

Treatment and prognosis

  • Evacuation Done under local Anaesthesia

Physical Examination & Tests

  • Inspection
  • Fluctuation test
  • Physical examination


Dr. Dipesh's treatment was the most effective for curing an external thrombosed hemorrhoid and associated problems. The patient was happy after the therapy for being able to return to her regular life. "The therapy provided me with a new life free of discomfort and pain. I was not able to perform my regular work due to this. Thank you, Dr. Deepesh."

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