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Perianal fissure and related complications treated with the ayurvedic remedy

Patient Review

  • Patient's Name: Shweta
  • Patient's Age: 22
  • Patient's Gender: female


  • Pain in ano-cutting and throbbing in nature
  • Bleeding peri anus while defecation, which is 2-5 drops
  • Feeling of mass around the anal region, which is non-reducible
  • Perianal itching and irritation

Case Presentation

A twenty-two years old female patient was presented with complaints of perianal pain & bleeding while defecation, feeling of non-reducible mass at the anal verge, irritation inside the anus, and itching around peri anal skin since on and off x 1 -1.5 years. 

Chandanaasava 3 teaspoons medication, 3 teaspoons lukewarm water You will get comfort if you take a hot sitz bath with 1 tsp Haldi and 1 tsp truth in it. Buttermilk should be consumed twice a day.

Treatment and prognosis

  • Chedan Karma and Sutra Ligation, along with Agnikarma

Physical Examination & Tests

  • Inspection
  • Peri rectal examination


The treatment provided by Dr. Dipesh was the most appropriate for treating Perianal fissures and related complications. After the treatment, the patient was delighted as she could resume her everyday work without any hesitation. "The treatment gave me a new life which is free from irritation and chronic pain. I was suffering from these issues for an extended period and it used to be hopeless all the time. It was a great experience, and I would recommend it to all who are suffering from fissures.

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