How to treat Anal Fissure using Ayurvedic Remedies?

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A small scratch or tear in the anal canal is known as an Anal Fissure. It may occur in the mucosa

(a thin and moist tissue that lines the anus) when you pass very solid or large-sized stools. The

cut on the skin may cause minimal to extreme discomfort. One may experience itching,

burning, and unbearable pain while defecating, accompanied by bleeding and spasms in the

anal sphincter.

Some common causes of an anal fissure are:

- Childbirth

- Diarrhea

- Constipation

- Anal intercourse

- Passing hard and large stools


It is most common among kids, but people of any age may experience it. Anal fissures generally

heal by themselves. Although in some cases, the condition may worsen, causing infection and

inflammation in the anal canal. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and ulcers in the anal

canal may also cause Anal Fissures. Recurring anal fissures, if left untreated, advance into the

development of the sentinel tag, which is extra skin growth.


Ayurvedic Remedies for treating Anal Fissure

It is essential for a person suffering from anal fissures to regulate their bowel movements. You

can do the same with the help of mild laxatives such as ghee, coconut oil, and ointments to

soften the stool in case of constipation. You can also opt for sitz baths after defecating to

relieve pain and promote healing. The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the


Allopathic doctors usually suggest that patients suffering from acute anal fissures get them

removed by surgery. But the most common side effect of undergoing surgery is bowel

incontinence. The patients cannot hold their stools and complain about the same.

Ayurveda can entirely heal an anal fissure. Even in the case of an acute anal fissure, ayurvedic

aid can completely heal the wound without the use of surgical methods.


Kshar Karma therapy is an effective and efficient method wherein ointments are applied in the

fissure to promote healing. During the treatment at Akshar Hospital, there are multiple sittings

at weekly intervals. In the case of chronic anal fissures with a sentinel tag, Ksharsutra litigation

is used to remove the sentinel tag, followed by the Kshar Karma therapy.

Ayurvedic medicines such as Triphala Guggulu, Yashtimadhu Churna, Jatyadi Oil, and Gandhak

Rasayana promote healing without side effects. Focus on improving your food habits.


Tips for a healthy diet:

- Hydrate yourself regularly (3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women)

- Avoid food that is spicy, stale, or unhealthy

- Avoid maida

- Avoid oily food

- Avoid cheese

- Avoid red meat

- Consume food and fruits that are high in fiber

- Consume curd and buttermilk

- Include cow’s ghee in your diet

- Drink a few glasses of lukewarm water



Medication, home remedies, and treatment, accompanied by a healthy diet, may help

eliminate anal fissures. But it is necessary to get your medication prescribed by a doctor.

Hospitals in Bhuj provide you with the best consultation and guidance. Along with this, focus on

improving your diet activities to improve your overall health and avoid a recurrence. You can

consult an Ayurvedic physician at the best hospital in Bhuj for a healthy diet plan.